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Fix the 340B Drug Discount Program to ensure patients always benefit
The 340B Drug Discount Program – a vital safety net for our vulnerable communities – has turned into a profit-making tool at the expense of many low-income Americans. Tell Congress to put patients first by improving oversight and transparency in the 340B program.
The well-intentioned 340B program was initially created to increase access to discounted medicines to safety-net providers who treat needy patients. Even though this safety-net program was created to support nonprofit entities serving vulnerable or uninsured communities, lax oversight and reporting standards have allowed chain pharmacies and disproportionate hospitals to profit while the patients the program was intended to serve do not always benefit. It is past time policymakers listen to the evidence: 340B is benefiting hospitals and their contract pharmacies, not needy patients.
Tell Congress to fix 340B so it always works for low-income patients.