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Tell Congress: Stop chain pharmacies from profiting on the backs of patients through the 340B Drug Discount Program
The 340B Drug Discount Program – a vital safety-net for our vulnerable communities – has turned into a profit-making tool for some 340B hospitals and for-profit pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, Rite-Aid and others. Tell Congress to put patients first by fixing 340B and reining in contract pharmacies.
The well-intentioned program was initially created for nonprofit entities to stretch scarce resources to support vulnerable or uninsured patients, yet for-profit chain pharmacy participation in the program increased from 1,300 to nearly 28,000 in just 10 years. This exponential growth means nearly half of the U.S. pharmacy industry is profiting off 340B – and patients are not benefiting.
It is past time policymakers listen to the evidence: 340B is benefiting hospitals and their contract pharmacies instead of low-income Americans.
Tell Congress today – 340B should benefit needy patients, not support the bank accounts of 340B DSH hospitals and chain pharmacies.