340B Background and Trends

Public Opinion Poll on 340B Drug Pricing Program March 2020

The Impact of Growth in 340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements – Six Years Later October 2020

Measuring the Relative Size of the 340B Program: 2018 Update June 2020

Increases in Part B Drug Utilization at Enrolling 340B Hospitals December 2018

Measuring the Relative Size of the 340B Program: 2017 Update July 2018

340B Hosptials Continue to Expand: Growth and Distribution of Physician-Administered Drug Reimbursement Across Ten Therapeutic Areas May 2018

Review of the 340B Drug Pricing Program January 2018

Measuring the Relative Size of the 340B Program: 2012–2017 July 2017

COA: The 340B Drug Discount Program in Review: A Look at the Data and Evidence to Date April 2017

Fact Sheet on Distribution of Physician Administered Drugs in 340B February 2016

340B Program Sales Forecast: 2016-2021 December 2016

Growth of the 340B Program: Past Trends, Future Projections November 2014

Primer: Understanding the 340B Drug Pricing Program June 2014

Unprecedented Growth, Questionable Policy: The 340B Drug Program Winter 2014

The Impact of Growth in 340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements Summer 2014

340B Hospitals

Benefiting Hospitals, Not Patients: An Analysis of Charity Care Provided by Hospitals Enrolled in the 340B Discount Program May 2016

Compliance Trends with Hospital Charity Care Requirements April 2016

Unfulfilled Expectations: An Analysis of Charity Care Provided in 340B Hospitals Spring 2014

GAO/OIG Reports

GAO Report: Oversight of the Intersection with the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Needs Improvement January 2020

GAO Report: Increased Oversight Needed to Ensure Nongovernmental Hospitals Meet Eligibility Requirements January 2020

GAO Report: Characteristics of Hospitals Participating and Not Participating in the 340B Program July 2018

GAO Report: Federal Oversight of Compliance at 340B Contract Pharmacies Needs Improvement June 2018

GAO Report: Update on Agency Efforts to Improve 340B Program Oversight  July 2017

GAO Report: Action Needed to Reduce Financial Incentives to Prescribe 340B Drugs at Participating Hospitals July 2015

GAO Report: Manufacturer Discounts in the 340B Program Offer Benefits, But Federal Oversight Needs Improvement September 2011

GAO Report Summary

OIG Report: Contract Pharmacy Arrangements in the 340B Program February 2014

Physician Practices

Hospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices and the 340B Program June 2015

340B Covered Entity Acquisitions of Physician-based Oncology Practices April 2014


Impact on Medicare Payments of Shift in Site of Care for Chemotherapy Administration June 2014

Results of Analyses for Chemotherapy Administration Utilization and Chemotherapy Drug Utilization, 2005-2011 for Medicare Fee for-Service Beneficiaries May 2013

Innovations in Cancer Care and Implications for Health Systems May 2014