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340B In The News

“Congress Must Fix the Broken 340B Drug Pricing Program that Benefits Hospitals, Starves the Poor”

Too often government programs start with a noble goal but are soon denigrated by special interests groups who use well intentioned programs for their own gain. Unfortunately, this has happened with the 340B drug discount program. Due to limited oversight, bad actors have been able to profit from this federal program, abusing the system and hurting the exact people the program was intended to help.
September 27, 2017
340B In The News

“Drug Discount Programs Have Become Wasteful – They Don’t Help Patients”

There are many reasons why the cost of health care is rising, including massive and unchecked federal programs that have proliferated throughout the entire health-care system. The 340B drug discount program is among those that must be examined and reined in.
September 25, 2017
340B In The News

“340B Drug Discount Program Needs Reverted to its Original Intent”

340B Drug Discount Program Needs Reverted to its Original Intent
September 23, 2017
340B In The News

“The Trump Administration is Right to Reform 340B”

As government grows, so does abuse and cronyism. The 340B drug-pricing program is a textbook example of how insiders, lobbyists, and influence-peddlers high-jacked an obscure provision of law and turned it into a profit-making racket. Now that the Trump administration is trying to reform the program, the K-Street set is coming out in force to defend it.
September 21, 2017
340B In The News

“Get 340B Back on Track”

September 21, 2017
340B In The News

“Drug Discount Law Should be Updated”

Drug Discount Law Should be Updated
September 20, 2017
340B In The News

In Case You Missed It: Washington Hospitals Falling Short on Charity Care, Potentially Discriminating Against Latino Patients

The Seattle Times recently wrote on a report conducted by Columbia Legal Services (CLS) that found a record number of hospitals are withholding charity care throughout the state of Washington. 27 of the hospitals referenced are 340B Drug Discount Program covered entities, a program which was designed to help certain health care safety-net providers that serve uninsured or otherwise vulnerable patients reduce outpatient prescription drug costs, giving entities the ability to increase uncompensated and charity care in their local communities.
September 19, 2017
340B In The News

“340B Drug Discount Program”

Lynchings have a long history August Cisar perhaps should consult with the series of tubes, Wikipedia, before calling someone out on the history of blacks being lynched. Not only does black lynching predate the New York riots, but in California, lynching of Latinos started with the gold rush in 1848. It seems like the American pastime of discrimination against minorities and people of color runs deep and long. — Jay Cross Big Lake
September 18, 2017
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