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“Bill Would Restore Drug Assist Program“
January 17, 2018
Bend Bulletin
AIR340B Coalition Applauds Congress for Introducing 340B Pause Act

Today, the Alliance for Integrity and Reform of 340B (AIR340B) Coalition released the statement linked here in response to the introduction of H.R. 4710, the “340B Protecting Access for the Underserved and Safety-Net Entities Act."

December 21, 2017
“Drug Discount Program Has Gone Off Track”
December 10, 2017
Belleville News-Democrat
“To the Editor: Modernize the 340B drug discount program”
December 9, 2017
“Protecting The Program That Helps Low-Income Families Get Prescriptions For Little-to-No Cost”
December 9, 2017
NH Labor News
“Coalition working to restore transparency to low-income Rx drug program“
November 30, 2017
The River City News
“On World AIDS Day, let’s remember disease is still a brutal killer“
November 30, 2017
The Miami Herald
“Fix Drug Discount Program”
November 26, 2017
The Detroit News