Are Rhode Island's 340B Hospitals Putting Profits Over Patients?

The 340B program should help vulnerable Rhode Island patients. Instead, 340B hospitals, contract pharmacies and PBMs are using the program to earn massive profits at the expense of patients.

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Rhode Island 340B Hospitals by the Numbers

RI 340B hospitals have 234 contracts with 340B pharmacies - 43% with out-of-state pharmacies.

Rhode Island Hospital has 105 contracts, 40% with out-of-state pharmacies.

100% of RI hospitals provide below-average levels of charity care.

Kent County Memorial Hospital devotes just 0.5% of its operating costs to charity care.

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RI 340B hospitals earn 6.4x more in 340B profits than is spent on charity care.
Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island earns annual profits of $25 million.

State figures are based on most recent data from PhRMA, Pioneer Institute and ProPublica. Last updated April 2024.

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340B Hospitals in Rhode Island

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Entity Name Address City Zip 340B ID
Kent County Memorial Hospital 455 Toll Gate Rd. Warwick 2886 DSH410009
Landmark Medical Center 115 Cass Ave. Woonsocket 2895 DSH410011
Rhode Island Hospital 593 Eddy St. Providence 2903 DSH410007
Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island 101 Dudley St. Providence 2905 DSH410010

Data from HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs 340B OPAIS Database – Accessed April 2024

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