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The Alliance for Integrity and Reform of 340B (AIR340B) is a coalition of patient advocacy groups, clinical care providers and biopharmaceutical innovators dedicated to reforming and strengthening the 340B program to ensure it directly supports access to outpatient prescription medicines for uninsured indigent patients. Alliance members believe that the 340B program is critically important to uninsured indigent patients and that attention is needed to address concerns over whether the program has deviated from its original purpose and is leading to unintended consequences for patients.  Learn more>

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The Time for Strengthening the 340B Program is Now

Patient and Policy Organizations Ask Members of Congress for Increased Oversight of the 340B Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 9, 2017) – The Alliance for Integrity and Reform of 340B (AIR340B) today delivered a letter to Members of Congress urging them to take action and increase oversight of the 340B program.  The letter to the leadership of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and House Committee on Energy and Commerce was signed by more than 10 advocacy organizations calling for reform of the 340B program to address the program’s unchecked growth and lack of program safeguards to ensure that the program is properly targeted to safety net facilities and the patients they treat. The program, enacted in 1992, requires prescription drug manufacturers to provide discounts on outpatient medicines to specified federally-funded clinics and certain hospitals as a condition of participation in the Medicaid program.

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